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Secret Drawing Box

I don't do commissions at this time.
If you still wish to work with me, please contact me.
Listed prices are estimates.
Please contact me with what you want so we can discuss price beforehand.

Simple Drawing
a simple bust or fullbody
of your character, with
plain background

$30 USD

Custom Character Design
a single portrait of a character
designed to your specifications

$60 USD

Full Illustration
including 1 or more subjects
+ a background

$100 USD

Information & Terms of Service

⚠️ By commissioning me, you are automatically agreeing to the terms below. Please read them in full. If something does not make sense, please feel free to ask me so I can clarify.

Things to know before placing an order:

I ask for full payment upfront
All payments are in USD through Paypal
I can work on a deadline if necessary
If I have not accepted your order, I can refuse it for any reason without explanation
If you have paid me but for some reason I cannot give you your order, I will issue a full refund

I am willing to draw:
Furries/anthropomorphic animal characters
NSFW & fetishes
I will draw almost anything. If you're unsure whether I'd be willing to draw something, just ask

I will not draw:
Lolicon and shotacon
Whether or not an order fits into these categories is decided upon by me.

Once your commission is completed, you are free to:
Use it for non-commercial* & personal uses, such as uploading to Toyhouse, using it as an icon, using it on your website, etc.
Credit is appreciated but not required
Use it to make collages
Edit it
Basically do anything with it

You are NOT allowed to:
Use it to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or other crypto-related assets.
Use it for commercial purposes*, such as in an advertisement.

What happens if you break my Terms of Service:
If you break my Terms of Service, you will not be able to work with me again.

* If you are interested in using a commission for commercial reasons, let me know that when you are ordering and we can discuss options