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Secret Drawing Box
Listed prices are subject to change if the subject matter is very intricate, complex, or otherwise hard to draw.
This is a rare occasion and I will inform you if your order is too complex.
Fullbody- $50
A drawing of a character of your choice. You can specify pose, expression, etc., or leave it up to me. I can include a simple background at no extra charge.
Extra characters can be included. Each character is priced in full, i.e. 2 character commission is $100.

Custom Character Design- $150
A custom design to your specifications. I can go off written descriptions, moodboards, and/or other forms of references. Feel free to be as specific or as vague as you want.
The piece will include one fullbody alongside necessary shots of the character to give full clarity of how it looks. This can include a shot of the back, a tail, the genitalia, or other body parts. I can include specific shots at request, but keep in mind I will only do up to 4 extra shots of the character. Extra shots can be discussed.

Experimental/Other Options - $???
If what you want doesn't fit in the above categories, I'm still happy to work with you.
Let me know your budget and what you're looking for. Things that might fit into this category are expression sheets, chibis, or reimaginings of an already existing character.

If there is something you'd like to order that is not already listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out.
I am happy to work with you on anything you need.
Information & Terms of Service

⚠️ By commissioning me, you are automatically agreeing to the terms below. Please read them in full. If something does not make sense, please feel free to ask me so I can clarify.
Due to local laws, you must be 18 years of age or older to order from me.

★ Things to know before placing an order:
I ask for full payment upfront
All payments are in USD through Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp.
I can do payment plans, but it must be discussed first.
I can work on a deadline if necessary
If I have not accepted your order, I can refuse it for any reason without explanation
If you have paid me but for some reason I cannot give you your order, I will issue a refund, either full or partial depending on the circumstances
If you are commissioning in someone else's stead, or for depictions of characters belonging to someone else, you must disclose to me who you are commissioning for and/or who rightfully owns the character(s).

I am willing to draw:
Furries/anthropomorphic animal characters
NSFW & fetishes
I will draw almost anything. If you're unsure whether I'd be willing to draw something, just ask.

I will not draw:
Sexualized depictions of characters under 18 years of age
Graphic nude depictions of characters under 18 years of age
Bestiality or zoophilia
Graphic nude depictions of feral animals or feral fictional creatures, especially if they are reminiscient of real-world animals
Genitalia of real-world animals, such as horses and dogs. Fictional genitalia that is not necessarily human is allowed, but must be distinguishable from any animal genitalia.
Hateful content, including content meant to deride, insult, or discriminate on a basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, political identity, nationality, or religious/spiritual affiliation.
Characters or likeness belonging to an individual I have internally blacklisted.

Whether or not an order fits into these categories is decided upon by me, and I do not have to provide explanation to a client or potential client when rejecting an order. I can reject any order I receive for any reason, not limited to the reasons above. Rejections are not personal and clients or potential clients will be informed when their order is rejected. Explanation can be requested, but does not need to be honored or provided.
Ultimately, I wish to make any and all clients happy. Please keep this in mind when working with me. I would love to come to conclusions which satisfy you, the client, in any situation. If there is something that is unsatisfactory, please don't be afraid to inform me. This includes if a drawing or design is not to your liking, I have drawn a character incorrectly, I am causing discomfort to you, I am taking too long, among other possible scenarios. I cannot know if you are unsatisfied if you neglect to tell me. If I do not know you are unsatisfied, I cannot work to a conclusion to satisfy you.

★ For drawings and illustrations
Once your commission is completed, you are free to:
Use it for non-commercial* & personal uses, such as uploading to character storage sites such as Toyhou.se, using it as an icon, using it on your website, etc.
Use it to make collages
Edit it
Reupload it
Basically do anything with it

You are NOT allowed to:
Use it to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or other crypto-related assets.
Use it to train generative "AI"/machine learning models.
Use it for commercial purposes*, such as in an advertisement.

* If you are interested in using a commission for commercial reasons, let me know that when you are ordering and we can discuss options

When a commission is finished, I retain the rights to:
Showcase the artwork(s) here on my website, or on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.
Modify the artwork.
Use it to make collages.
Use it as a commission example.
I retain full rights to the drawing. However, if you do not wish for me to use artwork made for you, I am willing to come to an agreement. I am not obligated to come to any agreement.

★ For custom designs & characters
If you ordered a custom design from me or came into possession of one of my designs, you are free to:
Use it for anything, commercial or non-commercial
Use it in your stories
Host it on character storage sites such as Toyhou.se
Edit or change anything about the design

To be clear: if you rightfully own a design, I am forfeiting all rights of the character to you. It is up to you to use it appropriately, and I do not have the right or power to revoke a design from anyone. This also means I am not responsible for any inappropriate or illegal content that may depict my designs.
However, if I believe you are using my designs maliciously, inappropriately, or for abusive content, I have the right to blacklist you from working with me again.

Abusive content can include, and isn't limited to:
Using depictions of the character to promote bigotry, such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Note that this is not the same as making the character a flawed, bad person.
Depicting the character in sexually gratifying pornography that involves incest, pedophilia/hebephilia/ephebophilia, or beastiality.
Selling the character for more than you paid for it, especially if it is an egregious amount.
Using the character and depictions of it to harass or intimidate myself, another person, or a group.
Using the character to promote crypto or generative "AI"/machine learning.
Using depictions of the character to train generative "AI"/machine learning models.

★ Chargebacks
If a seller does not deliver a product or service, the client has the right to issue a chargeback. Chargebacks are intended for transcations that were fradulent or undelivered. Any chargeback against me for any reason will result in being blacklisted.
You do not have the right to issue chargebacks for purchases that were legitimate and delivered. Chargeback fraud is taken seriously by card issuers and by online services such as PayPal.
If you are thinking of issuing a chargeback, please contact me first. I wish to make the client happy. Refunds, partial or full, can be issued, depending on the situation. If the product has been fully delivered, a refund is impossible, and any attempted chargeback will be disputed. Thank you for understanding.

★ What happens if you break my Terms of Service:
If you break my Terms of Service, you will not be able to work with me again. I do not put out public blacklists.
I am under no obligation to inform you if you have been blacklisted, nor the reasons for doing so.
Situations are typically handled internally with an agent.
While you may come into possession of my designs through another person, I will never work with you directly, nor will I draw a character I know is yours.
You cannot commission me for further artwork or designs. You cannot use a third-party, such as another person, to commission me in your stead.

If you have art from me that you have the right to use, you may continue to use it in appropriate ways which I outlined above.
If you have designs from me that you have the right to use, you may continue to use them.

Unless you are blocked, you are allowed to contact me for clarification on matters concerning my artwork and designs, such as specifics on how you are allowed to use them. If you are blocked, please strictly refer to this page. If you are unsure if you can use something for a certain purpose, do not use it.
To reiterate: I retain the right to showcase artwork I have made for you, such as here on my website or on social media. This includes if I have blacklisted you.

Last Updated- Feb. 27, 2024 1:21 PM (EST)