❥ Who is Angelmorningstar/dacrylagnia?
I'm Angelmorningstar & dacrylagnia ✿ I'm very inspired by Japanese artists, especially those who work in manga and anime. However, I have an appreciation for art coming from all corners of the world. I mainly work in 2D illustration, for now. Please put aside any assumptions you have already made about me and see my works for what they are.

❥ Why do you use two aliases?
I don't only use two aliases.

❥ What do you work on?
2D illustration, character design, album covers

❥ What are your influences? How do you come up with ideas?
The artists I like are very influential to me. I want to make something at least half as good as what they do. Some of my favorite artists are Patricia Piccinini, Yasushi Nirasawa, Yui_mera, and sharkplane777.
For ideas, sometimes I lift them from old mythology and folklore. Sometimes an idea is based on what I think would be hot. Sometimes an idea is how I want the world to be. I focus on the issues in the world that matter to me, especially the ones others may forget.

❥ Can I use your art?
Yes! You can save my art. You can reupload it as long as either a signature is visible or you credit me. You can use it for profile pictures or other personal usage unless it is a commission for someone else. You can use it in collages. You can print it out for personal use.
Please let me know when you do this! I'm happy to see how you used it.

You can’t use it in videos unless you have my permission. You also can't use it to make money or advertise anything unless it is my own site.
Don’t claim it as your own under any circumstances.

If you aren’t sure if you can use it, don’t be afraid to contact me.

❥ Can I make a design based on yours?
That's fine with me. Maybe you should let others know where the inspiration came from, though. The exposure would help ( ̄ω ̄〃)ゝ

❥ You’re pretentious and cringey.
All artists are.

❥ Where else can I find you?
I'm fickle and I don't like to use social media. When I do use it, I tend to delete everything or remake accounts. You might find me in typical places like Twitter or Instagram under the handle "dacrylagniaa", but you also might not. This website is the only reliable place to view my art.

Here lies Angelmorningstar.
2002 — present