※ entry 11.11.2022
・Changed the "virtual worlds" sidebar button to "characters", as I think a page about my OCs would be much more interesting than a page about my SecondLife & Roblox stuff
・I'm very tired...goodnight

※ entry 11.8.2022
・Since I can never code a gallery I'm happy with, for now I have set the "Gallery" button to redirect to my Pixiv gallery. This is just a placeholder until I can finally make something I like; I'd ultimately like to not rely on a third-party website to host my art.
・Websites r hard... -_-

※ entry 11.7.2022
・Updated the social network page
・I have a Pixiv now! Feel free to follow it (❁´◡`❁)

※ entry 7.19.2022

・A strange italian man keeps sending letters to my house plz help. I think his name is Daniel Drabek, but I'm not too sure of anything anymore.

※ update 7.9.2022
・ The gallery was updated. I'm too lazy to list the specific updates I made, just go look at it.
・The sidebar was updated too, but most of the buttons don't go anywhere as of right now. Maybe in the next 20 years I will fix that.

※ update 6.21.2022
・ The main page was updated to appear presentable regardless of screen resolution. Once again I must thank the person behind Dokodemo for the helpful tutorial
・ Despite the update, I still would not say that my website is "mobile-friendly". Since I do use a phone a lot, I would like to make it more presentable on a phone in the future
・ Although today was not great, I must keep going.

※ update 6.20.2022
・ I updated an illustration of Kiss & Promise. The proportions were very awful. Apparently the idea of a human figure being ~8 heads tall was foreign to me.

・ Links in this section now work properly

※ update 6.11.2022
・ I published my first SecondLife product ever! Its skins to make your own orca avatar ^o^ See it on the Marketplace

・ I learned to do many things through this project of mine, including how to make a body skin, a face skin, how to sell items on the Marketplace, how to update said items because you put the wrong face texture in the face skin applier at first... I spent every waking hour of the past two days on this
・ As a bonus, take this Luca sketch

・ now I am very tired, おやすみ

※ update 6.9.2022
Pool party was updated to now have teams depending on your rank in the group

※ update 6.5.2022
Animalia Logs 001 & Log 002 were updated
Animalia Log 009 was added

※ update 6.4.2022
Animalia Log 003 (Johnny) was updated to list a more plausible weight and size
an illustration of So-Won was uploaded

※ update 5.27.2022

※ update 4.21.2022
・ technically just a Pool Party® update, but the game was once again patched. Roblox is really dead set on never letting the music work properly in this game ever. This time the issue wasn't a lack of audio, but that every audio track in the game played all at once when you opened the game. thank you roblox.com very cool

※ update 4.19.2022
・ the site is now slightly more mobile-friendly
・ more pictures have been added to the gallery

・ added webamp to the about page
・ (see Dokodemo's blog entry How to Embed Winamp on Your Site to learn how to add it to your own page)

※ update 4.18.2022
・ fixed some of the buttons on the bottom
of the page because um

・ spruced up the main page, put updates within their own box
・ added a site button box
・ added a banner
・ the update box is no longer a complete trainwreck. it is now only a slight trainwreck
・ the about page was revamped. almost every page listed on the sidebar will be remade

※ update 4.17.2022
・ made my code less of a fucking disaster

※ update 4.16.2022
・ figured out the footer thing
(if youve got a banner to your site you'd like me to add, e-mail me)
・ the gallery section was updated

※ update 4.15.2022
・ the entrance page was updated
・ i added buttons to the main page which link to other websites
・ it is certainly not going to remain at the top of the page, im just too lazy to figure out how to code a footer that moves when you scroll

※ update 3.24.2022
・ Animalia Logs 001-008 were added to the gallery section.

・ it's kinda cluttered, isn't it?
maybe I should format it in a better way...

※ update 3.12.2022:
・ somehow, 5 days ago, the homepage was reverted to an old, totally outdated version that doesn't exist in any way anymore
・ i fixed it, but you have to ask yourself...
how did this even happen

※ update 2.28.2022:
・ there's bonuses
go find them
pool party page is bumping

※ update 2.27.2022:
・ added favicons
・ changed the home button to something cuter

※ update 2.26.2022:
・ registered ANGELMORNINGSTAR.NET domain
・ remade sidebar
・ added clickable buttons to the gallery; you can now view works by year

※ update 2.25.2022:
・ redid entire website
enjoy it or dont