※ 6.5.2023
・Changed Credits page background
・Reworked main page layout

※ 6.4.2023
・Changed About page music

※ 6.3.2023
・"Characters" is no longer in an unsightly black box

※ 5.31.2023
・Added illustration

※ 5.29.2023
・Added links to Retrospring and secret drawing box
・Added character pages for Angelmorningstar. More coming soon!
・Fixed return links

※ 5.28.2023
・Added illustrations

※ 5.27.2023
・Added new category 「Pilots」
・Added illustrations to Pilots

※ 5.26.2023
・Reformatted update section to make it a bit easier to read

※ 5.25.2023
・Added new buttons

※ 5.24.2023
・Added an illustration to Fanart
・Added an illustration to Animalia
・Changed the gallery code to allow for view of titles
・Redid gallery section code to allow better view of images

※ 5.14.2023
・Added many illustrations
・Added more commission examples

※ 5.13.2023
・Re-formatted the About page
・Added more illustrations

※ 5.12.2023
・I broke everything
・Fixed it
・Broke everything again
・Fixed it again
・Credits has a page 2
・Added commission + contact page

※ 5.11.2023
・Adjusted main page to be more accurate
・Randomized music on main page - enjoy the new sound :)
・Made the gallery look nicer
・You can drag Luca around

※ 5.10.2023
・Added illustrations
・Selecting a gallery category is now easier (one click as opposed to two)
・Added more gallery categories
・Hid music player
・Added a footer with links to information
・Added credits page
・Added guestbook
・Re-coded main page; it's a grid rather than divs I eye-balled lining up (what was I thinking?)

※ 5.9.2023
・New illustrations
・Added random flavor text to landing page

※ update 1.2.2023
・Added a new gallery section
・Added many new illustrations

※ 12.31.2022
・Unfortunately had to remove my very cool sidebar as there was no way I was ever going to update all the links on it
・Added autoplaying music

※ 12.30.2022
・Overhauled the main page; still a big W.I.P.

※ 11.11.2022
・Changed the "virtual worlds" sidebar button to "characters"

※ 11.8.2022
・"Gallery" button redirects to my Pixiv

※ 11.7.2022
・Updated the social network page

※ 7.9.2022
・ Gallery updated
・Sidebar was updated, but most buttons are broken

※ 6.21.2022
・ The main page was updated to appear presentable regardless of screen resolution

※ 6.20.2022
・ Links in the gallery section now work properly

※ 6.5.2022
Animalia Logs 001 & Log 002 were updated
Animalia Log 009 was added

※ 6.4.2022
Animalia Log 003 (Johnny) was updated to list a more plausible weight and size
an illustration of So-Won was uploaded

※ 4.19.2022
・ the site is now slightly more mobile-friendly
・ more pictures have been added to the gallery
・ added webamp to the about page

※ 4.18.2022
・ fixed some of the buttons along the bottom
・ spruced up the main page, put updates within their own box
・ added a site button box
・ added a banner
・ the update box is no longer a complete trainwreck
・ the about page was revamped

※ 4.17.2022
・ made my code less of a fucking disaster

※ 4.16.2022
・ figured out the footer
・ the gallery section was updated

※ 4.15.2022
・ the entrance page was updated
・ i added buttons to the main page which link to other websites

※ 3.24.2022
・ Animalia Logs 001-008 were added to the gallery section

※ 3.12.2022
・ somehow, 5 days ago, the homepage was reverted to an old, totally outdated version that doesn't exist in any way anymore
・ i fixed it, but you have to ask yourself...
how did this even happen

※ update 2.27.2022
・ added favicons
・ changed the home button to something cuter

※ 2.26.2022
・ registered
STAR.NET domain
・ remade sidebar
・ added clickable buttons to the gallery; you can now view works by year

※ 2.25.2022
・ redid entire website
enjoy it or dont