Akupangaea is the major and only continent of the world. The landmass is home to all sorts of peoples and animals, ranging from the gentle Troll to the large, aggressive Dragon.

A war which can be traced back to 100 years ago currently wreaks havoc on the lands as the major country, the Union of Atreia (UOA), expands in sheer size and power. An industrial revolution has led to more and more land being dedicated to factories and production. The UOA seeks to expand and control more, with the ultimate goal of controlling the entire continent.

Even though there is only one continent, there are several countries within the islands of the west. A notable one is Crema, where the popular religion dictates that a Cremean shall never kill another human, no matter the circumstance. Other countries include Tine, Liere, Kigua, and Soa; all of which have their unique cultures, customs, and ethnic groups. These ethnic groups tend to be very small, much like the islands they inhabit.

Focus has been placed on aircrafts for transportation and military defense due to convenience and speed. To get from one end of the continent to the other is days via car; for airplanes, it's hours. The centennial war has given countries ample incentive to invest in air defense. This especially applies to the many countries which are landlocked and don't have a need for naval operations.

As it stands, the biggest threat to humanity is an outbreak of a fungus with a 100% fatality rate. The fungus appears to have infected patient zero after being in contact with a species of mushroom-like creatures during an excavation of land for construction.