When predators become more efficient, prey does as well. This is the delicate game that beasts play.

Luca is unable to play this game. She is the sole daughter of the embodiment of Wrath, Cain; a product of parthenogenesis, given the full name of Lucatiel. Luca does not fit the world of which she was born into. Her most damning, troublesome trait of all: Her golden heart, which leads her down a grueling path travelled by very few— the path of the Morning Star.

But to Luca, there is no other option than the way she is now. She is incapable of change. When she falls from Hell and into Earth, she takes her heart with her, where she finds that here, too, it causes trouble. Not to mention that her quick, crude tongue is not favorable. Especially not to Finnigan...

Yet such is the life of the Angel Morning Star, and such is the life that Luca lives.